I'm currently rewatching this Disney Channel Original Movie
  1. cody's mom is a hippie socialist
    and he's embarassed by it
  2. "Nerds don't really have friends. We have hobbies. Some pick Star Trek, or Dungeons and Dragons."
  3. an extreme close up of a KISS
    in a DISNEY CHANNEL movie
  4. the fact that one of his mermaid symptoms is that he's "really thirsty" takes on a different context bc of current hip millennial lingo
  5. the part where he's looking at his hands so his mom starts looking at her hands
    and neither of them ever asks or explains why to each other or the dad
  6. "I feel like I'm king of the world" "You know he dies at the end of that movie, right?"
  7. his mom ends up believing in modern medicine bc of the mermaid thing
  8. the lightsaber sound when Cody uses his electricity powers to power a lightbulb
  9. he's a mermaid but he also has Spiderman's stickiness powers and Static Shock's electricity powers
  10. when I was little I thought Cody tasting the fish food was the grossest thing in the whole world
    it bothered me for like weeks and weeks