hell yeah my second album right! now!
  1. Netflix Vs. School
    counterpoint duet with myself
  2. I'm Done With These White Straight Boys
    angry song
  3. All I Do Is Ship
    fanfiction set to music
  4. Superheroes Are More About Our Own Inner Conflicts Than Literal Villians
    a song about Breaking Bad, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Batman, and Arthur Miller
  5. I Hate Pants
    breakup song with jeans
  6. Aliens and Magic (Please Be Real)
    the most sincere desperate joyous noise
  7. (I'm Crying On The Inside) Dead On The Outside
    this sounds badass but if you listen to the lyrics they're emo af
  8. Smush Your Face Into A Dog
    smash hit single playing in the club
  9. (I Can't Think Too Hard About It Or) I Will Spiral
    jam about not being well-adjusted but keeping chill
  10. What Am I Trying To Do Anyway
    4 minutes of me crying