inspired by @nathanveshecco
  1. Why Do My Lists Trend Only When I Don't Care
  2. When Lin Favs Your Tweet
  3. Unfollowing People From High School
  4. Why Is Everyone Going Out Without Me (Oh Right Because I'd Rather Be Watching X-Files Alone)
  5. Looking Back On The Twitter Archive
  6. I Don't Understand Snapchat (Filters)
  7. My Mom Is More Popular On Facebook Than Me
  8. I Hope Nobody Finds My Embarrassing Old Youtube Videos
  9. The Dark Days On Tumblr
  10. Pictures of Food (I'm Too Lazy to Make and Too Cheap To Buy)
  11. Pictures of Dogs (That Make Me Miss Mine)
  12. I'm Cooler On The Internet But I'm Not Even Really Cool On The Internet