1. waiting to see if your suggestion gets accepted to a list
  2. when you can't think of how to fill a list request
  3. when you don't know how much you should engage with somebody who doesn't follow you
  4. when you feel bad for being a horrible person
  5. when everyone's sliding in to the dms without you
  6. when you know you're lowkey getting addicted to list app
  7. when you think a list you wrote that people like is cheesy and not 💯 but you can't change the entire thing now
  8. when you don't know if ppl want to hang on twitter and instagram too
  9. when other ppl are hot and successful and ur a tiny stupid bb
  10. when this is literally the most negative list anybody has ever written abt list app and it's not even list app's fault; it is entirely my own neurosis