@bjnovak @dev ur old
  1. the fact that it's technically called "The List App"
    dude didn't you pay attention when justin timberlake told the founder of facebook that using "the" in the title of your thing is for dweebs who don't want a billion dollars?
  2. fucking floppy disk
    if I want to save something I just post it on youtube or twitter or I message it to my friend and tell them to ignore it. I don't even know what a usb thumb drive is
  3. the fact that you can't hit enter
    I want intentional blank space for comedic or dramatic effect in my lists
  4. why can't you have a numbered list and also take suggestions
    1) it makes no sense 2) i can't hit enter on this listception ish 3) feel free to make suggestions 4) but you will never know the rank order of my complaints
  5. the square photos
    uh 2015 [but not late 2015 like earlier on in the year like a few updates ago] instagram called, it wants its dumb gimmick back. Whitagram my ass list app
  6. you can't edit comments
    I used "you're" instead of "your" in one and i had to delete it. it was humiliating
  7. no desktop version
    i am a woman who checks instagram on my macbook