there's a lot of times
  1. "I wouldn't think impossible is even in your vocabulary" and "There's a lot of SUPPORTING roles in the show."
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    she's SO PATRONIZING omg I love it
  2. "We needn't concern ourselves with ameteurs."
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    after internet stalking and hatching an entire scheme. Shakespearean af
  3. brrh rbrrrrha maahh mah
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    perhaps the most iconic vocal warm-up in history
  4. the What I've Been Looking For tap solo and arrangement in general
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  5. when she called Kelsi "my sawed-off Sondheim" as an insult
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    because she said "IF you get the part, I imagined it much slower"
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  7. "I'm proud to call you my sister." "I know."
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  8. all the body glitter in Bop To The Top
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    and the hair accessories. And the sparkly facial mic.
  9. being the point of the pyramid formation for the choreo in We're All In This Together after her solo
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    in front of the two "leads"
  10. the fact that she gets non-stop baked goods from a pretty cute guy
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    idec about any romance whatsoever. Gimme that creme brulee. He probably gives her like cannolis and red velvet and shit. Lbr guys that's all I really want.