toot toot motherfucker
  1. Bridesmaids Revisited - Gilmore Guys
    I literally don't watch Gilmore Girls I just say it was like a 3 hr long podcast and it was fun
  2. Who Do We Think We Are - This American Life
  3. Promised Land - This American Life
  4. Bigger Than Bacon - Radiolab
    honestly makes me think abt David Duchovny in that shrimp t-shirt
  5. Sami Zayn - Talk Is Jericho
    fling me into the sun @nicvillaric just brainwashed into having a crush on a wrestler
  6. The Lonely Island - Happy Sad Confused
    The Lonely Island act like the friend boys I had in middle school
  7. Send Nudes With Ryan Liedtke - Jordan Jesse Go
    living vicariously through Jordan's chicken wing descriptions
  8. Tighten Up - FiveThirtyEight Elections
    it is legal for me to vote
  9. Pizza John Priorities - Dear Hank and John
    the only sports I've ever cared abt is AFC Wimbledon
  10. The Middle of Nowhere - This American Life
    oh wait more tal
  11. Jonathan Menjivar - Tape
    tal adjacent