I made a list like this for 🍑 so now here is this
  1. I follow literally only people from list app (which includes 2 irl friends that I forced to join list app)
  2. I reblogged some cool stuff: art, photos, gifs
  3. I made 5 photosets, and shared 1 song, 1 video, and 1 photo
  4. I went through a lot of themes, I think the one I ended up on is good, but I kind of wish I could just add a header photo
  5. I put links to twitter, LIST, and instagram
  6. one of my photosets got hella notes (109, last I checked) and all the rest have like less than 15. One of them only has one note, which I personally love. I love shouting into the void, as you can see from my many lists that literally nobody cares about.
  7. I don't really know what to post or who else to follow??
  8. oh and my thingy is yasjess.tumblr.com (which I think is kinda stupid but I guess I made it a while ago with my spam email. I also had a Teen Wolf dedicated Tumblr a couple of years ago but I cannot remember that password) and my title is Today, Satan!