i have a crush you and sometimes it distracts me. is this list creepy????????? shit
  1. How To Get Away With Murder
    Annalise, Connor, Oliver, Laurel, Frank, Lahey
  2. The Mindy Project
    Mindy, Rishi, Morgan, Tamra, the silent midwife, the new southern doctor, and every guy Mindy has ever dated
  3. Arrow
    everybody on the show, especially anybody with their shirt off, and Felicity
  4. Teen Wolf
  5. Vampire Diaries
    mostly Damon and Elena but also EVERYBODY
  6. Limitless
    just Bradley Cooper in the pilot, but dude, I haven't thought he was rly hot since the first hangover
  7. Suits
    Rachel and Jessica
  8. Parks and Recreation
    Ben Wyatt, April, Ron, Andy, Tom, Leslie, Jean-Ralphio
  9. Dancing With The Stars
    all the pros, especially Allison Holker
  10. Breaking Bad
    Walter White, Jesse Pinkman
  11. House of Cards
    Claire, Frank, and all the people Frank has killed no spoilers
  12. Late Night With Seth Meyers
    Seth Meyers, Fred Armisen