1. borrowing a book from the library but then buying it bc I love it so much
  2. adding my own almond milk to a hot beverage I bought bc I am too cheap to pay the extra like 25c
  3. watching a whole tv series in like two days except for the last episode, which I will wait two years to watch
  4. taking the long way through campus center bc they have one of those water fountains that automatically fills your bottle
  5. not wearing a bra for comfort and aesthetic, unless it's rly cold in my dorm room in which case I will wear a sports bra for warmth but only to sleep in at night
  6. eating one big meal at like 4pm
  7. reference disgusting fanfiction tropes like mpreg during conversations with new people
  8. find a way to relate any topic to Hamilton
  9. ignore being social and take selfies with the dog in every situation
  10. interacting with people: 50% being rude, 40% hack references, 10% the words "I love you"