This is by no means an exhaustive list. I am aware that I have other forms of privilege. I speak from my own point of view. My prof once said, "I'm not here to play opression Olympics." Rather, I am here to stand in soladarity with the rest of the people on here who have been made to feel other-ed in what used to seem a safe and positive place.
  1. not being forced to feel like you have to represent your entire race, or even all people of color
  2. not having people tell you that you aren't like others of your ethnicity as a compliment
  3. not feeling guilty for not being more active in protest or speaking out
  4. not needing to develop defense mechanisms in elementary school because people teased you using stereotypes so much
  5. not having to explain why a person saying they are "color-blind" is not a good thing, because it contributes to erasure
  6. not feeling guilty when you like things that people would associate as tropes of your ethnicity
  7. having any representation from people who you can relate to in the field you are interested in
  8. not having to deal with the "where are you from... what are you?" question
  9. being able to go through drive-thrus with your dad because he isn't afraid his accent won't be understood
  10. not feeling like it is "too much" to be a person of color, and bi, and a woman