for @lesbian and the whole world
  1. okay Aaron Tveit played Danny
  2. I used to think he was too clean?? like his teeth are too perfect??
    I was not attracted to him at this point even tho he was a talented bb bc his cleanliness creeped me out and intimidated me bc i could not relate
  3. but he was in Next To Normal which you should definitely listen to and I'm not going to give any spoilers
  4. and he was in the musical Catch Me If You Can, which is one of my favorite movies like I'm lowkey obsessed with con men
  5. his co-star was Human Treasure Norbert Leo Butz and they did this
    for Miscast which is like a fundraiser where people sing songs for roles that they wouldn't normally play aka Grace they sang a girl duet from Wicked
  6. then he was in Assasins in London and he GREW A BEARD and I finally was attracted to him bc he looked dirty and evil
    peep the forearms
  7. and he's an alumni of my school and I saw him give a workshop and he inexplicably sang Creep while pretending to escape from being chained up??
    is he wearing the same shirt lmao
  8. Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey wrote Next To Normal and they music directed and did additional music for Grease Live
    their original song was pretty bad but props for trying and i still love you and support you
  9. okay Tommy Kail
  10. he directed In The Heights and Hamilton
    lil fetus genius bb boys
  11. I have run into him a couple times but I lowkey always got him confused with Alex Lacamoire???? who orchestrated those shows so
  12. anyways he's a cinnamon bun and he's a part of Lin's squad and therefore my squad
  13. David Korins designed Hamilton and he also did Grease Live which is badass
  14. we're lowkey twitter friends whatever
  15. so basically Grease Live also had not just white people in its cast which was lit
    whch makes sense bc Hamilton and In The Heights and Bring It On were all like that and these same ppl made those
  16. and also it had a girl from Bring It On: The Musical which I have a lot of emosh memories attached to and was also produced by Lin's squad and so I love her
    also she was in Heathers which is everything. And! she and this dweeb space nerd have a subplot and it was hot i ship it
  17. and Grease Live had this romantic moment which was important
  18. is Grease sexist? I think it's important to talk about, because obviously it was written in a sexist time and takes place in a sexist time.
    here's an argument for how it can still be empowering tho???? what do u think?? http://www.themarysue.com/grease-feminism-is-the-word/
  19. also in Grease Live at least Danny does this so draw your own conclusions from that