Lifetime Achievements

  1. Birthed 3 kids. Boom.
  2. Ran NYC marathon.
    Have no desire to do another.
  3. Played roller derby for 9 years.
    Got the tattoos to prove it!
  4. Won the "Limerick Listener Challenge" on Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me... had Carl Kasell record my voicemail greeting.
  5. Earned a PhD.
    Was a full-time tenure-track college professor for 3 years then quit. Gotta follow your heart! But DAMN those college loans :(
  6. Studied abroad in Florence, Italy. Have visited England, Spain, France, Ireland, Prague, Monaco, Amsterdam, Jamaica, Botswana, South Africa, and Turkey.
    And Canada :) Still so much more to see!
  7. Lived in NJ, VA, IL, NYC, Buffalo, NY, & VT.
    Had fun and made great friends at every stop!