I have been a teacher for a few years now, and we do a lot of complaining about how hard our job is and how little we make. All true, but still...the bright side is pretty sunny :)
  1. People automatically think I'm patient and good natured because I teach Special Ed. I just smile and say my job title...bam! I'm a saint...didn't even have to work for their adoration!
  2. Holidays
  3. Hardly any parents come to conference periods anymore thanks to a little thing called email. It should be called "nap period" or "teacher watches Netflix time"
  4. Weekends
  5. Summer
  6. Spring Break
  7. Discounts everywhere!
  8. My husband is a teacher as well so we get all the same vacation days.
  9. Private school = unlimited budget- I have never been told "No" to anything I want at my school
  10. Private school = awesome teacher appreciation week gifts (designer handbags, giftcards, CASH, chocolates, even had one family give me a year of Blue Apron membership)
  11. Private school = catered lunch free from an organic delivery kitchen EVERYDAY