The 305 is a special place 🌴
  1. When someone uses their turn signal
    To change lanes, to turn, to actually SIGNAL what they want to do
  2. When someone doesn't expect you to speak Spanish
    My life would be 1000% more difficult if I didn't
  3. When someone doesn't feel entitled to immediate everything
    Aka we DEMAND a spanish speaking doctor who will agree with every unnecessary test we request
  4. When people aren't shocked about young females being doctors
    Despite me wearing a coat and introducing myself as a doctor... Though this might not be just Miami
  5. When non-Miami natives say they enjoy living here
    Most people that end up living here try to bury their feelings in the sandy beaches but secretly can't wait to leave
  6. When people don't speed up when they see your turn signal
    I need to change lanes and I have enough space. I'm giving you the heads up because I'm a decent human being, k?
  7. When you realize how much you enjoy living here despite how unfriendly and messy this place is 🌴🐬💃🏻🌊
    I secretly love you Miami and still can't make up my mind about you