beware: contains much more taylor swift than i would have liked.
  1. last kiss by taylor swift
    reminds me of, ironically, my first kiss. happened in july of 2010, and i never thought we'd ever break up. spoiler alert: we did.
  2. round here by florida georgia line
    i dated a guy in high school who really loved country music (i should have known it was doomed from the beginning) and there is a line in this song that talks about "jesse" and he said it reminded him of me which never made sense to because i have never in my life have i been "jesse" to anyone other than my immediate family
  3. you're so last summer by taking back sunday
    a boy introduced me to this song in summer 2014. by summer 2015, he was very much so last summer because boys like him are, in fact, a dime a dozen.
  4. do i wanna know? by arctic monkeys
    or literally any other song on that album. it was on the night i lost my virginity. every time i hear it now, i giggle and think of how my story is just as awkward as the rest.
  5. all too well by taylor swift
    OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY. i don't know if taylor swift traveled to the future and spied on my relationship with the boy who introduced me to TBS, but this song SURE FEELS LIKE SHE DID. the week after we broke up, i think this was the only song i played. one time, months later, i was driving home from college and i passed a place that reminded me of him while this song was playing and i cried a lot. more than A YEAR after we broke up, this song still gets me hella emotional. good work t swift.
  6. l-o-v-e by nat king cole
    that line in all too well where they "dance around the kitchen in the refrigerator light"? I SHIT YOU NOT THAT HAPPENED AND HE SANG ME THIS SONG. i know you're using me for inspiration taylor swift and honestly i did not ask to be a part of this narrative.
  7. cheerleader by omi
    reminds me of the most fun "relationship" in recent history. we went on three dates. 1) we went to see a movie. i don't even remember which one bc the theater was empty and we made out hella 2) he drove two hours to take me out to dinner and we danced in the car to this song 3) i drove two hours to spend the day with him. we kind of realized it wouldn't work after that day.
  8. brown eyed girl by van morrison
    one time i went to a frat party with some of my friends and a guy who lived in our dorm freshman year, ironically called morrison tower. this song played and we made out in a bathroom.
  9. amazed by lonestar
    this was played at every single high school dance. my sophomore year, i danced to it with one of my now friends. then, however, i thought he was the single hottest boy on the planet. i hear it no le and laugh at how ridiculous i was.
  10. let it go from frozen
    that my senior prom, they played this song and me and my bff sierra sang it to our prom dates and i could see the regret in their eyes.