My husband travels the country playing in competitive kickball tournaments.
  1. Whooooooooooooo! Yea!
  2. Yes, yes, yes... Aw shit.
  3. Nice fuckin kick!
  4. Keep your heads up.
  5. Take a breath.
  6. Let's go Juice!
    Their team name is Gorilla Juice Heads.
  7. That's alright. Good idea.
  8. Angry smash!
  9. He's (she's) due...
  10. Fuck yea!!
  11. Those mother fuckers.
  12. Did they just score 2?
  13. Top of the 4th, right?
  14. Which cooler is the beer in?
  15. It's fuckin hot.
  16. Straighten it out, bud.