1. how often someone checks their phone
  2. hands
    you can tell a lot about someone by their hands, such as, do i want to date you? nice hands only pls
  3. which tvs shows you reference
    for friendship compatibility purposes. if you reference the big bang theory that's fine but you'll never be my friend
  4. when people have headaches
    idk i just do so i have advil for you if you need it
  5. what people laugh at and what that says about them
    it says a lot tbh
  6. what your radio presets are
    even in the aux age
  7. if you're a mints/gum carrying person
    gotta make the right connections
  8. your level of airport savvy
    i'm in the TSA line and i'm judging you. take off your shoes, Cathy
  9. if you use your blinker
  10. bookshelves
    you can learn so much about someone by looking at their bookshelves! (not a euphemism)