things i learned while driving straight through the night for 16 hours

  1. the criminal podcast is the best thing to happen to podcasts
    it's even better than serial tbh
  2. everyone is so much more willing to talk about personal things when it's late and dark
    why are 2am conversations the best conversations?
  3. when in doubt, waffle house
  4. holy crap the giant orange moon rising over nashville
    one of the prettiest things i've seen
  5. responsibility sounds like your closest friends snoring a lil bit cause they're so tired and the trust you with their lives even though they probably shouldn't
  6. orange juice in little sips every 5 minutes gives your body enough sugar to stay awake for the next 5 minutes
  7. cold air keeps you awake
    freeze outs save lives
  8. it is perfectly acceptable to say "no" to the passenger who asks to listen to a sermon at 4am
    it is not perfectly acceptable to ask to listen to a sermon at 4am
  9. there is nothing better than seeing the sun come up in the virginia mountains
    especially when you saw the sun set in tennessee
  10. ...except seeing your bed after 1000 miles of driving