Lessons I've learned & things I strive to avoid when being a friend
  1. If they don't like Harry Potter
  2. They ALWAYS have a life shattering problem they need to talk about
  3. I'm not allowed to raid their closet
  4. They don't support my other friendships
  5. They don't know how to celebrate & be happy for my accomplishments
  6. They can't have crazy tone deaf karaoke sessions in the car
  7. They don't know how to have fun without booze
  8. Health is not a top priority (physical + mental)
  9. I always have to be the first to reach out
  10. They don't get along with my boyfriend// family
  11. I don't feel comfortable cuddling them
  12. Gossip is their favorite topic of conversation
  13. They are always bored
  14. They don't understand the importance of an ice cream date
  15. They aren't up to go with the flow & be a little spontaneous
  16. They put down my creativity