1. Dark Chocolate
    Any chocolate really but I make myself feel better when it's dark chocolate
  2. Sriracha + Red Hot
    They are not interchangeable
  3. Chick Peas/ Hummus
    Or chick peas and hummus
  4. Apples
    Granny Smith is the way to go
  5. Pineapple
    You know what they say 😉 but really it's my absolute favorite
  6. Lemon
    For the H2O
  7. Spaghetti Squash
    I can't trick myself into believing they are carbs
  8. Spinach
    Fresh spinach salads are heaven on earth
  9. Pepper
    Red, green, yellow, orange, banana, flakes
  10. Chicken
    I think chicken in any form is my favorite food.
  11. Feta Cheese
    If anyone ever tells you feta is only for Italian dishes be strong enough to see through them. They are unhappy individuals
  12. Peanut butter
  13. Matcha
    Teapigs to be specific