This is a true story
  1. Your sister and her three children stop over unannounced
    Add this to the four children you already have
  2. You have a two month old and have been slacking on house work as it is
    I literally have not put clothes away since I had a baby.
  3. Your oldest child comes home with two friends
    Children under 11 in the house.. Now at a head count of nine.
  4. The land lord, his wife and their three children are now in the house with the potential future renters
    Head count at 19 now
  5. Every toy box is over turned in your living room
    Causing ever person to step over mountains of toys...
  6. Have them enter your master bedroom
    this isn't cleaned.. You have piles of dirty clothes and underoos on the floor. Oh and sex toys scattered on the dressers from a "pure romance" party you attended
  7. Have them enter your kitchen and open a cabinet
    Does this happen to be the junk cabinet? Why yes.. Yes it is. Que "paper fall" now.
  8. Kids see new people. They are now screaming and laughing for attention
    Which wakes up two sleeping infants.. Now in crying fits because nap time was disturbed
  9. Let's just take the renters upstairs...
    Through the laundry room... 😖
  10. Oh do you use the stairs to separate clothes..
    Yes you do, every step is dedicated to a child's clean clothes..
  11. As they go upstairs you, obviously remember the train set the offspring have torn out.
    And scattered all over floor
  12. Que mental break down