My 1 year old has moved on from complete loyalty to Yo Gabba Gabba to dabbling in Blue's Clues. Here is why this pleases me.
  1. I can impress him by already knowing all the songs.
    I may not have seen the episode for 12 years, but that's musical memory for you!
  2. No merchandising.
    Back in the day my now 20 year old had the crayon, notebook, stuffed Blue, and a thinking chair. Now the show is too old to sell stuff.
  3. We can pretend Steve never left.
    No Joe nonsense will occur in this house.
  4. The adult is just as stupid and clueless as the kids and dog.
    None of this "parents always have the answer" bullshit.
  5. Nostalgia for an almost pre-Internet and certainly pre cell phone time.
    Now my kid knows how tape recorders work.