I like this a lot
  1. 1 Regret
    One day after forgiving my ex-best friend after my ex-girlfriend cheated on me with him, we took a day trip to Milwaukee. I was driving, and we were halfway home when he told me he was taking her to the high school play that night. Knowing full well I wasn't okay with them having a relationship at that point. I have always regretted not pulling over, telling him to get out of my fucking car, and find his own way home. It would have saved me a lot of heartache later on.
  2. 1 Moment of Pride
    After I graduated high school, my grandma, one of my biggest role models, gave me a card. In it, she told me how proud she was of me. I don't cry, but I teared up a lot that day.
  3. 1 Goal
    I want to be a prominent sociologist, doing fieldwork that blows people's minds. My sociological hero is Alice Goffman. Google her some time. I want to do what she does. My other goal would be to head an orphanage in the Dominican Republic or Haiti.
  4. 1 Dream
    If I was able, I have always dreamed of writing comic books. I design characters in my free time and develop their back stories in my free time. My dream would be to have my stories published.
  5. 1 Fantasy
    Sometimes I have these fantasies where I meet Kanye West and we talk and I tell him my story, and he tells me his, and we just talk. He invited me to his family Christmas once.