1. Me and all of my friends grew up loving Mr. Rogers Neighborhood
  2. And my name is Jesse Rogers
  3. So all throughout my life, people have asked me why I don't wear more sweaters, or if I can take them to the land of make believe or whatever
  4. It was always a little joke
  5. Except for one time when it wasn't.
  6. You see, Mr. Rogers died in 2003
  7. We was 7
  8. And when she heard the news, my friend MacKenzie went crying to her mother
  9. Her mom asked her why she was so upset, and Kenzie responded that she heard that Jesse's daddy died
  10. Kenzie's mom giggled a little bit, and then explained that it was the Mr. Rogers from t.v. who had died, not the Mr. Rogers who was my dad
  11. I don't know why, but I think of that story a lot
  12. I think it's the purity, in addition to the humor, of the situation that keeps it with me
  13. I can't think of any other time that someone has expressed such genuine, unconditional care for me
    Other than my family, whose job it is to love me
  14. I hope we get back there some day, to the point where we just care about each other without thinking
  15. Where we're reduced to tears at the mere thought of someone else's pain
  16. Where we lose the apathy we've adopted and love each other like we were all still 7.