1. I want to start by saying I am terrified of commitment
  2. To the extreme
  3. I didn't commit to a college until the day before the deadline because I was so afraid
  4. But I've had girlfriends in the past
  5. And they both proved to me in very different ways that I was not ready to be dating, not just for commitment reasons
  6. I also can't handle the emotional roller coaster that relationships are
  7. Plus girls have cooties
  8. And boys have penises
  9. I find both icky to be honest
  10. So I'm in no position to be dating anyone whatsoever.
  11. Which brings me to the main issue
  12. This is me and my friend Ariel
  13. Ariel and I have been friends for years
  14. We take a lot of pictures together
  15. She's even my lock screen
  16. And I've been telling everyone at college that she's my girlfriend
  17. The people here are crazy about relationships!
  18. Everyone's out to get married!
  19. I can't even talk to a girl without her thinking I'm flirting
  20. (Though admittedly I can be a bit of a flirt. It's my personality. I don't intend to but others tell me I do all the time)
  21. So I just mention my girlfriend Ariel
  22. She knows I do this
  23. I talked to her about it and she said it's alright with her
  24. But does it make me a bad person?
  25. Or just a really pathetic one?