I was a sheltered child, and it still shows
  1. Hell
    I through it around like water on fire. Hellfire probably. Animated Disney movies say it, so I have no qualms
  2. Damn
    Just like how I graduated from darn to dang after elementary school, I graduated to damn after middle school. My first curse word. I'm still so proud.
  3. Bastard
    My personal favorite. Fun fact: I used to think the Bishop in chess was called a bastard, due to a total misunderstanding of an episode of Beauty and the Geek.
  4. Shit
    My personal model is "Well shit," but I feel like I can't say it around people. I'm careful with my shit.
  5. Bitch
    Makes me v. uncomfortable unless used as a verb or adjective, i.e. Bitching someone out, that party was bitching
  6. Fuck
    I mean, I've said it. I try not to anymore though because I feel like it clouds people's judgements of me. And when it's used to describe sex I get squeamish.
  7. C***
    I can't say this one. I can't even write it, as you can see. I get very scared hearing it or reading it. I burst into a cold sweat and cry a little bit