1. You were playing Flappy Yak to distract yourself.
  2. I was Listing across the room.
  3. Your eyes were swollen and bloodshot.
  4. This drew my attention to how blue they were.
  5. And how blue you were.
  6. There was pain in those eyes.
  7. And a shit-ton of knowledge on anthropology.
  8. I knew that if we got together, we could ease each other's pain.
  9. I walked up to you.
  10. Our eyes met when I was halfway to you.
  11. "You come here often?"
  12. "The fuck you think? We're in the damn library during finals week. Leave me the fuck alone."
  13. As I walked away, I knew something special had occurred.
  14. Even if I had added to my pain, in some way I had lessened hers.
  15. I had accomplished my goal.
  16. And I'm only crying a little bit more than I would be normally.