1. Hipster
    It used to bother me so much when people assumed I only held the opinions on art or film or music because I was trying not to be mainstream. Now I realize that it's fine to be a hipster. It matches my aesthetic. Being a hipster is just one of the little things that add up to make me
  2. Goody Two Shoes
    I used to want to be edgier than that. But then I looked at my life and realized, "Jesse, you're too afraid to drink a sip of alcohol and you've never disobeyed your parents. You're a goody goody. Deal with it"
  3. Overachiever
    This goes with the previous one. I work hard at everything I do, but I felt like that made me boring. But I again, I realized this is real. I'm an overachiever. I freak out if I get a B on a paper. I'll go into the library at 7:00 a.m. and not leave until midnight. It's just the kind of person I am, and I can live with that.
  4. Fatty
    This was so hurtful, especially as a child. All of the kids used to make fun of me for being the fat kid. I learned early on though that my weakness was also my strength. If I caught kids saying I was fat, I'd tackle them and sit on them. Now I'm confident in my body. I'm a fatty, but I'm happy about it. I can eat all my favorite foods and have the potential to play the goofy best friend in any screwball-buddy comedy
  5. Bipolar
    This one was awful. When you're diagnosed with a mental illness, no one tells you how to react. I figured that people who are bipolar are monsters that turn on their family and friends with no warning. This was reinforced when my best friend at the time decided that we weren't friends anymore with little to no warning. And never explained why. Now, I know that I am not Bipolar Disorder's bitch, and my true friends don't see Bipolar when they look at me. They see Jesse.
  6. Labels don't bother me anymore. After all, they don't matter to my grandma, my rabbit, or my God, so why should they matter to me?