1. Delilah
    She betrayed Samson and left him to die in the Bible. Plus it makes me think of a Plain White Tees song so... It's such a beautiful name if I could get past that.
  2. Scout
    To Kill a Mockingbird is fantastic. The name Scout is a heavy burden for a young girl go bare though.
  3. Rahab
    I can just imagine my baby girl in Sunday School and getting laughed at the second they started learning about Rahab the Harlot helping out in Jericho. But she was a fearless badass and one of my favorite Bible heroines. So I'm torn on this name tbh.
  4. Tristan
    Triste in Spanish means sad. That's a lot like Tristan. I don't want my kids to be sad.
  5. Holden
    The Catcher in the Rye is my favorite books. I love Holden Caulfield. Wouldn't want him as a son though.
  6. Mary Jane
    Pretty obvious I'd think