1. Ages 0-6: Iggy Azalea
    Young and fresh, widely acclaimed at first. Quickly became annoying to a great many people, however, there was a strong core of dedicated fans
  2. Ages 7-12: Jay Z
    Started this phase mischievous, got into lots of trouble. Eventually turned from my rascally ways and became successful at stuff, though some parents still questioned my influence on their children
  3. Age 13: Taylor Swift in the Apple Music Commercial
    Just an ill conceived and highly questionable stage that ended in hilarity for everyone else and mortification for me
  4. Ages 14-17: Kanye West
    A big deal and knew it. Started at the bottom, made it to the top. Didn't care what anyone thought. Occasionally did and said things that confused everyone. People loved or hated me
  5. Ages 16-18: Kid Cudi
    Little overlap here. At this point I was Cudi on the inside, and it eventually went external. Had a lot of inner darkness and demons and stuff. Was an artsy, kind of weird guy, but a lot of people still dug it.
  6. Age 19: Chance the Rapper
    Can be and has been serious, but more about living life in the moment right now. Super wide eyed and excited about every new thing. Hyped