A Christmas list in which I get overly personal, emotional, disorganized, and weepy, and one which I will probably delete in the morning anyway. Sorry in advance
  1. The gift of self-respect
    I finally realized that I didn't need to let people treat me like crap. I'm a person with wants and needs too, which are just as valid as anyone else's. So there.
  2. The gift of direction
    I've spent my entire life up to now wandering aimlessly. Now, I'm still wandering aimlessly, but I'm doing so with a college major, and even that little bit helps
  3. The gift of Lithium
    I was a dick before medication. I was hostile, mean, and nasty to others. I was also suicidal and spent a lot of time in my room sulking. Lithium lifted me up by the pants and gave me a kick in the ass right where I needed it. Now I'm almost a fully functioning human being. Thanks Lithium!
  4. The gift of a crappy relationships
    My ex-girlfriend cheated on me with my ex-best friend this year. Oddly enough, I'm super grateful for it. It hurt me so much, and I was going through an awful time to start with, but this experience taught me not to base my happiness in other people. It also weeded out two of the people in my life that I didn't realize were hurting me the most.
  5. The gift of true friends
    I went off in a horrible way on one of my best friends earlier in the year. She didn't deserve it and I wish I could justify it, but I can't. But when I needed her, she was there for me, no questions asked. She forgave me for the terrible things I said to her in my unmedicated rage and helped drag me back to my feet when I'd fallen past the point of no return. I love her so much, and there's many more like her that revealed themselves when I needed them
  6. The gift of love
    Miranda, if you ever read this, I loved you and still do. Leaving you was the hardest part about leaving, but we both know the circumstances weren't ideal for us. Thank you for being there.