Dan lives in the dorm room right next to mine. It's finals week and I think he's losing it.
  1. "Ben can be a naughty twin sometimes"
    Referring to his twin brother
  2. "I am a light house. Well, that's not true, I'm not actually a lighthouse. I am a twin. That's true"
    He was singing a song and felt the need to clarify
  3. "If this sociology thing doesn't work out for you, I can see you getting into drugs. Like in Honduras"
    He supports my dreams
  4. "I probably would like your dad. We both like fishing and dislike his son"
  5. "Some taxidermists stuff bear cubs"
    He followed this with by putting his head on his desk and fake sobbing. Loudly.
  6. Poor kid's going out of his mind.