According to this years stint as Santa
  1. A PS4
    I mean I still have a PS2 and am happy with it, but fine small child, go for gold.
  2. A Harley-Davidson motorcycle
    Like seriously? C'mon kid. You need to cool your jets you're like seven.
  3. Any merchandise involving Frozen
    This movie came out like three years ago. How is it still so popular? Like seriously? Aren't kids attention spans supposed to only be like five minutes long?
  4. Minecraft stuff
    I honestly have no idea what this is.
  5. Daddy to stop drinking
    This sounds heartbreaking, and it was. For five seconds. However, this kid was my cousin, and his father has diabetes and no longer drinks alcohol. So... I'm not entirely sure what was going on here. Kids are strange.
  6. Nothing.
    This was followed by "I don't want Santa in my house at all!" This poor guy was terrified of Santa. It was hilarious in a kind of sad way.