what i would have missed

  1. chance the rapper
  2. finally moving out of a town i hated
  3. high school graduation
  4. freshman year of college
  5. meeting the first woman I have ever considered a real future with
  6. a world full of beauty
  7. millions of sights yet unseen
  8. decades of laughter and joy
  9. it seems ridiculous now that i was prepared to sacrifice this future
  10. but that's the nature of the disease
  11. and i'll never stop being thankful that God helped me out of that car before I finished making the biggest, and also the last mistake of my life
  12. it's been a year now
  13. and this crazy, beautiful world keeps spinning madly on
  14. it's hard to even believe now that i ever reached that point
  15. especially now, looking at all of the blessings i'm surrounded by
  16. i'm happy i didn't bail out of life early
  17. i'm happy i didn't miss out on these things
  18. I'm Happy.