1. I've been listening to Julien Baker's album Sprained Ankle a lot lately
    19/10 would recommend
  2. It's very dark and very frank, which is part of what I love about it
  3. So I'm listening to her song "Brittle Boned" in which she sings the lyrics "I'm so good at hurting myself."
  4. And this kid who lives down the hall pokes is head in and listens for a few seconds
  5. And he hears the lyric
  6. And of course, he has to comment
  7. "Wait. This is about a girl cutting herself. Why do you listen to this? You want to fill your head with that crap?"
  8. I was ready to scream
  9. But I refrained
  10. How could he know what he was saying was stupid?
  11. I've kept my struggles with depression a secret the whole time I've been at school
  12. It's easy to feel like there's no one here who understands what I'm feeling
  13. So then I find Ms. Baker and her beautiful music and it hits me so hard in all of the right places
  14. Because I used to be good at hurting myself too
  15. She understood me and what I went through
  16. I didn't feel so alone when I listened to her.
  17. So who is that guy to tell me I'm filling my head up with crap?
  18. Who does he think he is that he can say that Julien Baker's message that she puts out in her music is crap?
  19. Especially when she helps me hold on to my sanity
  20. In short, don't talk about things you don't understand, even if it's just music.