A running tally of cool things I've found in 2016
  1. Casual on Hulu
    So far the only argument that Hulu that isn't trash tv for basics
  2. Welcome To Leith
    Insanely good documentary of what happens when white supremacists try to take over your town. Horrifying.
  3. Orwells Revenge
    A book that takes the idea of 1984 but adapts it to what we know now of the future. Only a quarter of the way in and it's insanely brilliant.
  4. Man Seeking Woman
    Amazing comedy in the adult swim vein
  5. The 1975 "The Sound"
    Best song of the year one week in.
  6. 5 Seconds Of Summer
    Amazing sounds on this record 👆
  7. Triumph The Insult Comic Dog's Election Special
    This is the funniest political satire I have seen in years.
  8. Grimes- Art Angels
    Late on this but man is this record creative and interesting.