I am out at bars way too much for work, dating etc. but I need to get things done the next day. Here's how I pull it off.
  1. Do not have a single drink unless you've had at least 64 oz of water but really you should be aiming for more than that. I try to drink at least 90 oz of water a day.
  2. No shots, ever. It's way too much alcohol too fast. Half of being drunk is how fast you drink and this goes way past the speed limit.
  3. Yogurt. I learned from a doctor that yogurt has some chemical that helps with hangovers. Tim Ferris did a great speech about this on his podcast. Getting a quick cup on the way to the bar can be a miracle.
  4. A water in between every drink. Staying hydrated and slowing the speed at which you drink is everything. Too many people drink water after they feel drunk, which is fine but this technique is far better.
  5. Light beers are basically water, IPAs are what bad headaches are made of. Yet again choose drinks that get alcohol to your brain slowly. Far too many craft beers are way too strong. The lower the alcohol level in the beers the better and every bartender who serves craft beers can tell you which ones are lower and higher.
  6. Sugar is the devil. Not only does it trick you into thinking a drink isn't strong, it slows your metabolism and makes your hangover way worse. Avoid all drinks with sugar in them especially frozen ones.
  7. Order water with every drink. If you are drinking anything aside from light beer or Budweiser/ Corona type beers you are going to need this. Not only to slow your roll but also to rehydrate you. Drinking water in between or with each drink will slow how much alcohol gets to your brain and keep you in good shape.
  8. If you haven't eaten within two hours of starting to drink that's bad news. The worst hangovers are the ones where you forget to eat. Food soaks up that alcohol, especially breads. Eating a good nutritious meal will help you feel good. Sadly the exception to that is salad. If you're gonna drink something sense and carbs pads way better.
  9. In the morning (and this is a great habit no matter what) chug 32 oz. of water right when you wake up. This will help recover from what you did and rehydrate the water you lost while sleeping.
  10. Get at least a regular night of sleep. I need 8 hours like most humans, but the key here is to plan on being home on time to get good sleep. Most nights my plans last two hours. I make sure to schedule these plans so I have at least an hour to get to bed after getting home.
  11. If you do fuck up and have a hangover, drinking pedialyte (unflavored, no sugary garbage), coconut water and bone marrow broth are miracles. Green juices also can alleviate some of the pain.
  12. Remember water alone doesn't have electrolytes and isn't as effective as coconut water and pedialyte.
  13. Lots of people love greasy food for a hangover and eggs can help detoxify your liver but eating nutritious food is way better and most doctors agree this is a myth. A salad with some protein can be a miracle for me.