Meeting someone relatively famous you don't know irl but you follow them on snapchat

  1. Hey, is that Julz over there?
  2. Wow, it is! She's so cool.
  3. Oh you don't know Julz?? She's really cool.
  4. How do I even describe what this person does? I just follow her on snapchat.
  5. I should say hi? Nah, I don't even know her.
  6. Yeah, I guess I know a bit about her. It's all from snapchat though. I don't actually know her.
  7. Stop saying you don't know her. It is definitely clear by now.
  8. Ok, I'll say hi.
  9. Wow ok she's extremely cute in person too.
  10. "Hi Julz!"
  11. Is Julz her real name or like a nickname?
  12. Can I just call her Julz? I don't even really know her.
  13. Stop saying you don't know her! That is what makes this whole interaction weird in the first place.
  14. "Uhhhhh I'm a big fan!"
  15. Oh god.
  16. Oh.
  17. No.
  18. Did you say you're a fan?
  19. Definitely top 5 dumbest things you've said to a girl
  20. Hold up. She smiled and said thanks!
  21. That's so cool. I don't even know her!
  23. "Oh, you have to catch an uber? That's cool, I'm sure you're really busy. "
  24. Well, that was cool. She was nice.
  25. I'm gonna play this really cool.
  26. *follows her on Twitter*