Help me out here, Jo
  1. What is the point of the Hall of Prophecy?
    They can only be removed by the person they're about but none of those people know they exist or have access to them? They're just hidden in the department of mysteries for some reason?
  2. Why does anyone need glasses?
    Like, is there really no spell for that?
  3. I'm not advocating for it or anything, but why hasn't anyone at Hogwarts banished Peeves?
    Filch makes it seem like he could do it, but Dumbledore just won't let him
  4. How do owls work?
    Are all owls magic? Or only ones in the wizarding world? Do they have to be trained or charmed or something to be able to find people the way they do? Can other birds be used for post the way owls are? I know Sirius uses some tropical birds instead of owls in GoF when he's in hiding
  5. Speaking of owls: does the fidelius charm not apply to them? And could they be used to locate people or deliver cursed objects inside magical protections?
    Harry writes to the others at Grimmauld Place before he's let in on the secret so the charm doesn't apply to Hedwig apparently. Is this a loophole in the fidelius charm? Or is owl magic just really special? I just want to know everything about the owls
  6. Where did Moody get his magic eye?
    And how come it can see through Harry's invisibility cloak?
  7. What was the Shrieking Shack before it was the Shrieking Shack?
    Or was it built just for Lupin? I know the whomping willow wasn't added until he got to school, but the Shack seems more than 20 some years old. Was it always called the Shrieking Shack?
  8. What happens if a Basilisk sees its own reflection?
    Nothing probably
  9. Did Crabbe legit break the Room of Requirement with that fiendfyre nonsense?
    That would be a bummer
  10. Have wizards gone to space? Does magic work in space? ARE WIZARDS ACTUALLY FROM OUTER SPACE?
  11. Why do kids need a permission slip to go into Hogsmeade but not need a permission slip to ride broomsticks hundreds of feet in the air while other kids hit magic bowling balls at their faces? Or to do literally any of the other absurdly dangerous things those schoolchildren were doing on a regular basis?
    This is the single most ridiculous thing that happens in the entire series
  12. Does the Queen know about the wizarding world?
    Is the Queen a witch?