After a series of announced delays spanning 10 hours, I'm spending all night at the airport. It's 3am right now. Here are some highlights
  1. The Hugo Boss store
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    Looked at a belt that I thought was actually kind of nice
  2. The Souvenir Store
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    Been flirting with a cute woman who works here but I think her shift ended
  3. The All Night Electronics and Home Goods Store
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  4. Right?
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  5. This funny poster
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  6. This random white Audi that I took a ton of selfies with
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  7. Smallest ice cream cone in the world (thank you @kellydehoop for pointing this out)
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  8. This funny little Jewish man on this sign
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  9. My best friend
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  10. I'm either going to end up like Tom Hanks in The Terminal
  11. Or Tom Hanks in Castaway
  12. Getting a vibe from the woman on my eye mask package
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  13. Fun survey
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  14. Decent sporting goods store
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  15. My other best friend coffee after I got a few hours of floor sleep
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