After a series of announced delays spanning 10 hours, I'm spending all night at the airport. It's 3am right now. Here are some highlights
  1. The Hugo Boss store
    Looked at a belt that I thought was actually kind of nice
  2. The Souvenir Store
    Been flirting with a cute woman who works here but I think her shift ended
  3. The All Night Electronics and Home Goods Store
  4. Right?
  5. This funny poster
  6. This random white Audi that I took a ton of selfies with
  7. Smallest ice cream cone in the world (thank you @kellydehoop for pointing this out)
  8. This funny little Jewish man on this sign
  9. My best friend
  10. I'm either going to end up like Tom Hanks in The Terminal
  11. Or Tom Hanks in Castaway
  12. Getting a vibe from the woman on my eye mask package
  13. Fun survey
  14. Decent sporting goods store
  15. My other best friend coffee after I got a few hours of floor sleep