1. Black high top converse all stars
  2. Vans
  3. New Balance
    You need to wear glasses to pull off this look
  4. Nikes
    Not alt but since the 21st century implosion of alternative culture, you can get away with it
  5. Toms
    I don't know about these
  6. Reeboks
    I never see these so kudos if you can pull them off
  7. Saucony Jazz leather / nylon
    These were a major indie rock shoe in the late 90s but again I never see them anymore
  8. Adidas
    These have pot smoking affable soccer bro roots so I give them an alt pass
  9. Doc Martens
    Even in the 90s I didn't get these. Now I just extra don't get it
  10. Tevas
    Respect for these shoes. Frisbee style alt
  11. Birks
  12. Clarks Desert Boots
    If you're wearing these you might as well already be shopping at J. Crew. Actually you probably are
  13. Random second tier skate shoes like Etnies
    don't know about these really