1. Chipotle
    I would go here
  2. Hot Topic
    I would go here
  3. Foot Locker
    I'd probably go here first
  4. Uniqlo
    Probably why I actually came to the mall
  5. The Gap
    I'd look in the window
  6. Food Court
    I would at the very least pass through it
  7. J. Crew
    I still go here even though I haven't seen anything I liked in a year or two
  8. Apple Store
    I might go here if they launched an interesting new product
  9. Best Buy
    If I was bored I might walk through and look at the TVs and the Bluetooth speakers
  10. Yogurtland
    Again, could be the reason I went to the mall in the first place (note: I don't know any malls that have a Yogurtland but it seems plausible)