I asked you to throw me a trendy dinner tonight and I'm not responding to any of your texts. Luckily, we have this list.
  1. Tiny, miniature food
    I hate this. It's a way to make people who are actually hungry look like gluttons.
  2. Salt on dessert
    Bring it on! I assume you're talking about sea salt otherwise you're DTM (Dead To Me)
  3. Chili and other spices in dessert
    This makes my sweet tooth feel sad and weird. Not a fan.
  4. Kale
    Love it!
  5. Quinoa
    Love it! But don't substitute it for rice in a dish where I really want rice (Indian, Mexican, Chinese) or you are DTM
  6. Bacon in something for no reason
    You can already tell from my tone that I hate this
  7. Raw Vegan Food
    I happen to live in a city where some very creative chefs can do great things with this type of food and I enjoy it. But...
  8. Vegan cookies / brownies / cakes
    I like this as an option for my vegan friends but serve this to me as my only dessert and you are DTM.
  9. Gluten free / No carbs
    I think I need gluten and carbs in order to feel human but every day I'm one step closer to giving up gluten and picking up a copy of Dianetics (#LA) so, who knows.