For the real heads
  1. Yamaha - very impressive company - pianos, drums, woodwinds, guitars, mixers, effects, MOTORCYCLES, synths and more. Misfired w your new "collectible boutique synth" line IMO. Motif has amazing sounds but it's expensive and seems dated. Maybe a groove box / sequencer would be a good way to bring the electro kids back?
  2. Roland - You are killing it with electronic drums and you literally invented the 808 - but as far as synths go MAKE SOMETHING ANALOG cause nobody cares about your VA nonsense right now. The little boutique guys are cute but Korg is killing you because analog sounds better. An 808 and a 303 revamp and you went DIGITAL? I would fire someone
  3. Korg - your synths don't sound the best but you excel at making usable fun gear - analog and digital - at a nice price point. Your workstations have always been cumbersome but lucky for you they always have some undeniable sounds that get used over and over (looking at u M1 Organ). You nailed fun, like Nintendo (who you have collaborated with!)
  4. Line 6 - you pioneered consumer level amp modeling and you make a lot of fun things but somewhere your brand became more teenager than pro feeling. Make something high end feeling like Apogee. I know you can do it.
  5. Apogee - I still covet your interfaces even though I don't like them that much. They just exude class. As long as recording stays a dark and mystical art, people will claim they can hear why your shit costs 2-3 times much as everyone else's and you will do just fine.
  6. AKG - I have always liked you. I heard that whole Neutral Milk Hotel album was done on a 414 - vocals, guitar, everything. Not sure if it's true but I think it's a nice mic and I also like your headphones
  7. Mackie - watch out for Behringer cause they are obviously literally stealing your designs and circuits. And also watch out for that "dad-like" sense of humor you incorporate into your packaging and manuals. I enjoy it but I worry it could hurt your brand for the next generation of consumers. I'm thinking about longevity here.
  8. Moog - you have your dedicated and passionate fans but what about a goofy little box with a built in speaker for a Moog noob like me? All your gear seems really serious like it's about to talk to me about Bernie Sanders for fifteen minutes. I would like to see you lure in an impulse buyer with a cheaper design but I understand if you can't.
  9. Alesis - I love you so much but you haven't made a truly covetable piece of gear in like 15 years. Your ion synth was great but also a little too complicated. All your keyboards have weird interfaces. I can see the speaker thing working for you and your drum kit hits an important price point but you need more. Headphones? Mic? A bundle?
  10. M-Audio - I use your midi controllers a lot but wouldn't be caught dead mixing on your speakers. I don't know why. I love that you exist and bring decent gear for cheap. And I respect your focus on the essentials of DAW based recording. I'm slightly scared of your ubiquity that's all.