I think this is all of them actually (so far)
  1. Horsin' Around Theme
    This song is so up my alley plus I got to sing it. Music and lyrics cowritten w/ @rbw
  2. This Is A Song From The 80's
    Often mistaken for "Generic 80s Song", this new wave gem features vocals from @yacht
  3. Generic 90s Grunge Song
    I hurt my throat singing this one and still couldn't totally nail that Eddie Vedder style vocal. Fortunately Will Arnett sang loud enough on top of it that you can't really hear me.
  4. Generic 2007 Pop Song
    Basically an autotune gag but I also got to evoke Dr Luke (a few years early, true) and will.i.am
  5. Fergoriffic
    Also from the 2007 episode. This was always an uphill battle to find that sweet spot between parody and copyright infringement. @emjuko did a great performance.
  6. I'm Drake
    From episode 211, prom scene. I recorded about a minute even though it cuts off about 5 seconds in
  7. Do The BoJack
    Also from 211. This was supposed to be from his novelty record which I presume was modeled on "Do The Bartman" from "The Simpsons Sing The Blues"
  8. Dangerous
    Fake gangsta rap song from Season 1. On YouTube with the title "Mr Peantbutter And The Mail Truck. Featuring Mike Nason.
  9. Prickly Muffin
    Sarah Lynn's first hit. My take on early Neptunes production and a sort of stylistic cross between Toxic and Slave 4 U for the time period. We never did a real recording session; I edited the take together from improv.
  10. Kyle And The Kids
    Sung by the great Carrick Moore Gerety. I love the way this bit is a genre parody but also a suggestion of the difference between TV and "real life" and a comment on how perfect and flawless someone else's life can look.
  11. Special Feeling
    When BoJack meets Wanda at the roller rink in Season 2. I accidentally ripped off Be My Baby and had to re-write the vocal at the last minute and change it from female to male
  12. Perfect Match
    Also for that first Wanda episode. I loved singing falsetto and trying to capture that goofy sincerity of doo wop.
  13. Every Dog Has His Day
    From the ending scene of the S2 Disneyland episode when Mr Peanutbutter saves Todd from the fire. I love this song and I wish it was more prominent (Dialogue? Who needs it?) but had so much fun recording it that it's ok. The singer was this amazing, meek guy from Craigslist who seemed like the Stapler guy from Office Space but had this amazing soul voice.
  14. Who's That Dog (Theme from Mr. Peanutbutter's House"
    This character is so funny and I had so many great opportunities for dog puns that there was just no way the song wouldn't turn out funny. We first see it in ep 104, then it becomes his ringtone, then finally we hear the full version in ep 310
  15. Get Dat Fetus Kill Dat Fetus
    Aka the abortion song from ep 306. Feels good to drop that bass.
  16. Keep Driving
    Plays in the car with Princess Carolyn in ep 309. I got this request late at night and threw together a very rough idea that was supposed to be just a placeholder for the animatic. The song didn't end up changing at all except I brought in a new singer (Carrick again) and polished the mix.
  17. Good Morning Morning
    I think this is the name of it? Another case of me putting music in the background of an acapella session which is always a fun challenge. Kristen Schaal is so funny that it always feels like a treat to work with her voice. From the opening of episode 311
  18. My Clitoris Is Gynormous (sung by Sextina Aquafina)
    All I will say about this song, heard in Season 1 during a party scene (and in S3E3 as an instrumental) is that ginormous is a word but gynormous is a pun
  19. The Race Of Life
    A special song written, we presume, by a U2-like band for the movie Secretariat. Includes the line "Life is a big fat race"