Presented with commentary. I have respect for DJs but I feel it's important that we not totally blur the line between curation and creation
  1. I can't live in a world where people are unable or unwilling to understand the difference between a DJ and a producer.
    This is comedic exaggeration
  2. Can you imagine not knowing or really caring whether your favorite literary figure was a writer or just someone with a cool book collection?
    This is the real heart of the issue to me
  3. Complicating matters further is the inescapable use of the "DJ" moniker among producers and the pressure to present that way for visibility
    This is me overexplaining
  4. Because at the end of the day, people want to think about a party, not a bleary eyed geek staring @ a computer for hours & clicking a mouse
    This is me resenting people with good stage presence
  5. Goodnight
    This is a joke because it's 10:30 AM