1. Ray Kinney
    Hollywood-style Hawaiian
  2. Saginaw, Michigan
    Folksy, story tellin' old country sound
  3. The Spinners
    There are so many amazing Motown songs and I don't know any of them, but you will hear a lot if you listen to The Spinners radio
  4. R. Kelly
  5. DJ Sneak
    classic 90s style house
  6. Antonio Carlos Jobim
    hope you don't hate The Girl From Ipanema because you will hear it
  7. Deuter
    Classic uplifting new age healing music
  8. Taio Cruz
    this is a lot like Jason Derulo radio
  9. Vince Guaraldi Trio
    This is the group that does that iconic Peanuts / Charlie Brown music
  10. Regulate
    Lot of gems on this station
  11. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
    Good source of classic freestyle sounds