1. "I want to move to the beach but I don't want to be so far away from everyone"
  2. "We should ALL just move to the beach!"
  3. "I just like, haven't really been into any new bands in the last 8 years"
  4. Discussion of when the best time to move to Highland Park would have been
  5. (Group of 25 year olds passes) "How old are they?"
  6. "Oh Pasadena is NICE!"
  7. (Group of people your age passes) "Look at those idiots"
  8. "I mean I'm not saying gentrification is GOOD I'm just saying maybe it's not so bad."
  9. "Did you see the new Judd Apatow thing on Netflix?"
  10. "I'm thinking of getting off Facebook for a while."
  11. "You know, she's like witchy I guess."