1. Long ago, there were two warring tribes: The Macabees and the Dreidels
  2. They were both Jewish so they would argue over stupid things like the best way to cook latkes and what the story of Passover was
  3. One day, the main Macabee, Judah, brought home some menorahs because they were on sale
  4. His wife said "Judah, are you crazy? We don't have enough oil for all these."
  5. That was the point I think when they all got attacked by the Dreidels, whose main method of attacking was by spinning around and attempting to disorient the enemy
  6. Needless to say, the Macabees won because they had the most commandments
  7. Anyway, this whole thing happened 8 times which is why we celebrate 8 nights
  8. Happy Hannukah everyone! 🔯😄✌